Product Description

List Price Starts At: $1,170

28.5″ H   23″ W   23.3″ D   18.4″ SH   27″ AH

The peace activist and artist is inspiration for this Brazilian native with a Japanese twist. The chair back extends outward just a bit whilst the backrest presses deep into sharply forward-leaning back legs. Maybe it’s a political statement, maybe it’s not, but leaning in is what she does. Some say this is Aristeu Pires’ most comfortable chair (others claim Aurora carries that distinction). Regardless, Yoko’s occupant will lean back, elbows up and poised on the edges of what might be the eaves of a pagoda. Drink in hand, and a bit of political commentary on the mind. Who knows? Sit and see.

Yoko offers the advantage of a backrest and elbow support, but without the restriction of the fully extended arm. Modern chair by Aristeu Pires handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood wood.